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Program that puts iphone into dfu mode

every time i try to jailbreak my iPod Touch 4G i just followed the instructions it gave me and it never worked! ! ! but recently i got an iPhone 3G S and i wanted to try one last time to jailbreak so i searched how to put an iDevice into DFU mode and I clicked this one and it worked! you made it very simple! ! ! ! ! An alternative to the jailbreak without having to enter DFU mode is to use Blackra1n.

Your comment can be displayed at some time take.Step 1: Open iTunes and make sure that it is connected to your iPhone with your computer.

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Try holding in the home button, and plugging it into your computer.

I need this video.my I have a 3 g 4.2.1 view

In case you were inquisitive close to the mode 'tween these two modes refer toiPhone Tip: difference 'tween retrieval mode and DFU Mode.

Apple calls this flash mode iPhone DFU mode. Plug the 4-pin connective on the iPhone USB program cable into the larboard on the bottom of the device.

This video recording shows how to convalesce your iPhone if it is unresponsive or fifty-fifty acquiring quick to break it, by putt it into DFU Mode. If you are getting errors trying to restore in iTunes, DFU mode is very likely for you.




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